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Tamil is one of the Dravidian language spoken in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc. and is official language of Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Puducherry. In 2007, there were over 70 million native tamil speakers around the world. We had a collection of over 1,40,000 tamil and english entries in our online dictionary.

Tamil to English

antaram avavu impu?l utaikulm uturuvattaikka orukulaikkay katavaipperkka kalle?iya kitaikatta kurakkumukam kaiyi?ukkm chatuttakkaran chalippa?a chiraytaikka churachatturu chetti tntvalm talichapattiri turaimakkal totkoppu na?pattennayiramrishikal nettimu?ital ptni pazaiyatu piramakattitosham puchchentu makakoram malaivempu munpola vchikri

English to Tamil

absolute entire acid kind of lemon act of drinking actor adhesion advacate alienated also as a wave altercate another wild any drum appear brilliant appor tion arch arguments stated arrangement artful management as a bee honey as a messenger as a soldier as an accusa tion as asura as food when frying as perity as seeking gain as the under jaw as wearing a crown ascribed to avvyar assessment astringent