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Tamil is one of the Dravidian language spoken in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc. and is official language of Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Puducherry. In 2007, there were over 70 million native tamil speakers around the world. We had a collection of over 1,40,000 tamil and english entries in our online dictionary.

Tamil to English

atulliyam azivinmai ituka?um ukku uzavukol otukkm kanna?ai klikm kalvay kuppaipparutti kaitava?a chankilippinnal charppam chinnan chupavatanai chellunchelavu tatukkini?ka tampulam tum tottukiranti nanku nulvazini??al panintavarttai pallappayal piracho?pati puzukkutukatta popti ma?aipukal muttiraippalakai rupam

English to Tamil

abound acceptable acquaintance with act of play adjusted afford consolation agent or emissary almost also commonly amaran thus tristis amplification anethum sowa anti dote any thing shrunk anything large ardor arithmeticians arrogant fellow as a car as a girl as a patient as in cutting grass as numerous lights as some cows asking for associ ate astrono mers attainment of bliss audacity babbling