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Tamil is one of the Dravidian language spoken in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc. and is official language of Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Puducherry. In 2007, there were over 70 million native tamil speakers around the world. We had a collection of over 1,40,000 tamil and english entries in our online dictionary.

Tamil to English

attiyantapavam avakkiyati intukantam uchchikkalayam uvappinmai on?ay kannutalonve?pu kliren kavalan kumizvantu kaipt?utl chankaivan chlkkm chimikki chumti chevichchelvam tttan tarani tuyil tompaikkuntu nayakachuram nenchupakkitutal pantaravituti pazankantai piratichchittu pushpamanchari polivelai malattumatu muntu?a lokachatchi

English to Tamil

ability of speech abundant rain acheen act of blackening adhatoda vasica affecting ones mind agony alarm also a step mother amiable anise seed another person any circular anything dissolved anything slippery appara tus arabian jasmine art of writing arum macrorhizon as a discourse as a loan as a rumor as by an earthquake as fire flies as medicines as of one dying as ripe grain as vegetable curry assembly of people astacus mari nus