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Tamil is one of the Dravidian language spoken in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc. and is official language of Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Puducherry. In 2007, there were over 70 million native tamil speakers around the world. We had a collection of over 1,40,000 tamil and english entries in our online dictionary.

Tamil to English

anupavatti ak irtchi unmaiya?intavan urkkuruvi o??umainayam kantarachu kalaital kirakanaparicham kurunilam kochchimanchal chatakkiratu chavarar chi?ukalai churupam cherntar tatte?iya tikkumukku tulankal tol niketanam neruppuvicha patunkal pakkilai piravechamaka puppantal makki machalakkalli mu?ikkatti vattattiruppi

English to Tamil

above abstract qualities accu mulation acquired act the rogue adolescence aeschynomene after ones decease ailment alpinia also to be crooked ambiguous talk animal in general any winged creature apex approximation artificial coral as a potter as blame as creditors as gnashing as of a post as rain ascendency assafoetida assume aus picious words availing bandicoot basis