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Tamil is one of the Dravidian language spoken in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore etc. and is official language of Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Puducherry. In 2007, there were over 70 million native tamil speakers around the world. We had a collection of over 1,40,000 tamil and english entries in our online dictionary.

Tamil to English

attirankottuvitutal avati inakkattu uchchini uvameyapporul on?ukai kannu?u kluvm kavalma?a kumu?a itikka kaipunaiy chachichekaran chalankunatai chimittuvittai chumappu chevippu??u tattikkolla tarapati tuyyan toyyavittuvanka naypchirsta nenchaikkallakka pantilan pazanel piratipimpam pushpastiran poshakan malami?uka munichiputtiyokam vki

English to Tamil

absent minded adherents adulteration affidavit against alcohol also scratching among brahmans ancient persons annex another time anything fixed apparition appoint arbitrator arteries as a bambu as a falling tree as a signal as after a cold fit as armies as holding a deer as misfortune as of the bowels as sandal paste as the azure necked as the heat astragalus verus at random attorney