c English to Tamil Words List

c ae c as a hen ca lumny ca pacity ca tamenia ca vern

ca vil ca villing cabinet cable caboz cackling cactus cadence cadjan cadjans cage cajoling caju cake of wax cake cakes cal culate cala mity calamine calamities calamity calamus calastri calcinate calcination calculate calculation calculus caldron calf calico caligraphy calix calker call called calli hill calling callosity callousness calm temper calm calmed calmly calmness calomel caloric caltrop calum ny calumniate calumniator calumnitor calumny calves calx cam phor camel camelion camels dung camels hay camp camphor can vas canal cancel cancelled cancelling cancer candelabrum candid mind candle fly candle candlestick candor candy cane cannabis cannanore cannibal cannibalism cannon ball cannon canoe canon canopy cant cantharides canvas sail caoxing cap rice

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