d English to Tamil Words List

d ae da tura da dag ger dagger dahat

daily alms daily hire daily news daily pay daily rain daily rites daily dain dainties daintily daintiness dainty food dainty daksha dalbergia dalliance dally dallying dam sel dam damage damaged damayanti damp floor damp dampness damsaka damsel dan druff dance dancer dancers dancing dandling dandruff dandy danger dangerous dangler dansing darado daring mind daring dark brown dark bull dark color dark forest dark metal dark millet dark red dark tulasy dark darken darkening darkness dart darting darts das tard dash dashing dashta dastard date tree date dates dative case datura alba datura daturas daub daubing daughter dawn of day dawn dawning day break day by day day dawn day laborer day light day lodging day of rest day time day daybreak days past days dazzle dazzled

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