l English to Tamil Words List

l tree labor pangs labor laborer laborers laborious

labors labour labur lac lace lacerated laceration lack lad ladder lade ladies lading ladle lads lady clive lady ladys maid ladys waist lagging lagr aacute lagrama laid up lair lak lake lakshmi lamb or kid lamb lambative lambs lame kotty lame man lame person lame lameness lament lamentation lamenting lamina lamp black lamp light lamp oil lamp stand lamp lampoon lampoons lance lancet land custom land holder land lord land mark land tax land travel land lands lane langor langu age language languid languish languishing languor lank person lanka lankness lanquish lanquor lantern lap lapidaries lapidary lapped in lapped lapper lapping lapse lapwing lard large ape large bell large belly large city large crane large drum large eyes large fan large fire

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