o English to Tamil Words List

o endure o lady o thirst oak apple oakum oar

oath ob scenity ob scurity ob serve ob stinacy obduracy obdurate obe dience obe dient obedience obedient obediently obei sance obeisance obeisant obelisk obesity obey obeying objec tion object to object objection oblation oblations obli gation obli quity obligation obligations obliging obliqueness obliquity obliterate obliterated oblivion oblong obscene obscenity obscuration obscure obscureness obscuring obscurity obsequies obser vance observance observances observation observe observing obsolete obsta cle obstacle obstacles obsti nacy obstinacy obstinate obstruct obstructed obstructing obstruction obtain obtained obtaining obviate obvious obviously obviousness ocarpus occasion occidens occult occultation occupa tion occupancy occupant occupation occupied occur rence occur occurrence occurring ocean ochre color ochre ocimum octagon oculist odd numbers odd

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