t English to Tamil Words List

t descend ta bernacle tabasheer table cloth table dhote table land

table tablet tabor tabors tabour tabours tabret tabrets taciturn taciturnity taciturnly tackle tackling tact tadpole tagetes tail tailor tailors taint take a step take a turn take away take care take effect take food take heed take in take one in take out take place take refuge take rest take this take up take taken in taken taking away taking bang taking food taking hold taking rest taking up taking tale bearer tale talent talents talk talked of talking tall female tall figure tall grass tall man tall person tall shrub tall trees tall tallness talon armed talon talons taluk peon taluk tama tamarind tamarindus tambourine tambourines tame beast tame tamed tameness tamil lad tamil poets tamil word tamil tamilhalf tamulian tan tangle tangled tank crabs tank fish tank lily tank tanks tanned

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