u English to Tamil Words List

ubiquity ugliness ukta ul cers ulcer ulcers

um umbilicus umbra umbrage umbrella umpire umpires unabating unable unalloyed unanimity unanimous unbar unbelief unbeliever unbent bow unbind unbleached unbolt unbrella unburden unburdening unbutton unc tion unceasing uncertain uncertainly uncertainty unchanging unchastity uncivil man uncivil unclasped uncle moon uncle uncleanly uncleanness uncoiled uncombed uncommon unconcern unconnected uncourteous uncouthness uncrew unction unctuous undecaying undecided under lip under mine under side under stand under water under underboiled undergo underhand undermining understand understood undertake undertaking underwood undesirable undeveloped undressed undulation uneasiness uneasy unem ployed unembo died unequalled uneven unevenness unex piable unexpected unfading unfair unfairness unfasten unfastened unfavorable unfeeling unfetter unfinished unfiormity unfit unfitness unfold

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