x English to Tamil Words List

Sorry, no word found starting with x. Try other words...a choultry a young abandance abandon abandoned abandoning abandonment abase abasement abate abated abatement abating abbr abbreviate abdomen aberration abhor abhorrence abhorrent abide abiding abilities ability abject abjectness abjuration able man able ablution abode aboli tion abolish abolished abolishment abolition abominable abominate abomination aborigines abortion abortive abound abounding about right about above pipe above said above abrasion abridge abridgement abridgment abroad abrogate abrupt man abrupt abruptly abscess abscesses absconding absence abso lute absolute absolutely absolve absorb absorp tion absorption absterge abstinence abstract abstraction abstruse absurdity absurdly abudance abundance abundant abundantly abuse abused abuser abusing abyss acacia tree academy acalypha acarus accede to accede accelerate accent accept acceptable acceptably acceptance access to access accessible Tags :english words starting with x, translate english to tamil, online english dictionary