Abandon meaning in tamil

a. விடு to dismiss, to reject, to cause to go, make to walk, to revive a. வருச்சி avoid, abrogate நீ forsake, relinguish, to deny the senses, to live morally and according to prescribed rules கைவிட shun, desert, as inferior dependents, to neglect a garden a. கழி expel, cast off, discard, exclude, dislodge, remove, strip off ஒருவு receding, avoiding, separation, renunciation, to leave, avoid Online English to Tamil Dictionary : ceremony performed among brahmans for a woman in her first pregnancy - சீமந்தகலியாணம் in athletic exercises - சமத்துப்பார்க்க circle described in the air with a fire brand by boys in play - கொள்ளிவட்டம் shell beads - பாலமணி in like manner - யதாப்பிரகாரம்

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