Abandon meaning in tamil

a. விடு to dismiss, to reject, to cause to go, make to walk, to revive a. வருச்சி avoid, abrogate நீ forsake, relinguish, to deny the senses, to live morally and according to prescribed rules கைவிட shun, desert, as inferior dependents, to neglect a garden a. கழி expel, cast off, discard, exclude, dislodge, remove, strip off ஒருவு receding, avoiding, separation, renunciation, to leave, avoid Online English to Tamil Dictionary : used for curry - வாழைப்பூ to be raised as a siege - எடுபட்டுப்போக adams bridge - சேது to assever - வற்புறுத்த to contract for work by the job - குத்தகைபொருந்த

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