Abide meaning in tamil

தேறு vigor, as persons, beasts, plants, to grow well as vegetation n. தாவரி to shelter, to support, to maintain, to preserve, to lodge சஞ்சரி to live or have residence as men in houses, beasts in the forest அவதரி lodge, to be born, become incarnate, assume a body and sojourn in it as a deity n. அல்கு lessen, shrink, diminish in quantity gradually, to stay, sojourn n. அதிஷ்டி to inhabit, possess, to become inspired with divinity as an image Online English to Tamil Dictionary : opportu nity - இடம் by degrees - வரவர bountifully - தாராளமாய்க்கொடுக்க chiefly applicable to prescri bed individual practice as preparing the sacred ashes - கிரியாங்கம் taking refuge with one - சரணாகதம்

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