Abiding meaning in tamil

n. தெறுதல் staying, hurting, injuring, destroying n. தரிப்பிக்க to invest, to confer titles, honors, staying, remaining, halting தரி to stand still, to stay, to rest, to pause in speaking, reading சஞ்சாரம் dwelling, inhabiting, rightful or natural resi dence, as men in villages n. உறைவு dwelling, coagulation, natural situation for persons, animals n. இறுப்பு payment, discharge, clearing off, tarrying, tax, tribute Online English to Tamil Dictionary : su preme being - பிறப்பிறப்பில்லான் affixed to names among brahmans - சருமன் very good natured person - குணவதி incorruption - அழியாமை gleanings left for the poor - சீட்டை

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