Abode meaning in tamil

வீடு to let, leave, off, house, habi tation, emancipation from births வாசம் dwelling place, habitation, borough, country, village, city or small town in a cultivated country வாசனை fragrance, residence, knowledge, experience of joys or sufferings by the senses பாவனைசெய்ய to figure, to image, to treat one as a friend or enemy when not so பாத்தி share, part, portion, compartment, area, garden bed, salt pan பவனம் wind, winnowing grain, heaving or drifting up, as the waves to the shore பதி to impress, to engrave, to infix, to insert, to ingraft, to inlay as gems நிவாசம் habitation, dwelling, < நிலையகம் நிசாதனம் certainty, house நிகாயம் multitude, company, agricultural village, house, dwelling, < நகர் 2, house, temple, sacred shrine தாமம் cord, string, string to tie oxen together, flower, wreath, flower garland தானம் place, location, situation, spot, station, home, dwelling, residence n. சேர்வு thickness, glob ularity, house, dwelling, agricultural districts சேர்பு home, habi tation உறையுள் appropriate abiding place for human beings, other creatures இல்லிடம் breadth n. இருப்பு mode of sitting as of ascetics, being, condition state of being chiefly of the human species ஆலயம் asylum, residence, receptacle, temple, place of worship, church ஆசயம் retreat, receptacle, recipient Online English to Tamil Dictionary : as a fisherman - வலைபோட intestines - குடல் electrify - திகைக்கப்பேச to be covetous - பறவாதிப்பட abundance as of produce - குமுதம்

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