Above meaning in tamil

adv. மேலே over மீமிசை over, pleonasm or the use of redundant words மீ on, over, up, top, surface, height, elevation, eminence, loftiness மிசை to eat, to take food, eminence, elevation, hill, poverty, food தலைக்குமேலே over, upon the head, superior to one, exceeding all bounds as price adv. ஞாங்கர் room, space, situa tion, location, side, hand lance or dart n. கெழுமை hue, brilliancy, splender, combination, fulness, abundance a. உம்பர் upon, sky, visible heaven, height, elevation, that place intermediate உபரி upon, more Usage of above 1. Le Gallienne, and only definitely above the versifiers of the Referee. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : another kind of shell - முறளச்சிப்பி tooth of a saw notch - சிலுக்கு col lection of things of the same kind - கொத்து measure in music - துருவம் pass by - . கட

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