Abridgment meaning in tamil

சுருக்கம் contracting, closing, shrivelling, abbreviation, epitome, abstract சஞ்சேபம் compendium, abstract n. குறுக்கம் abbre viation, contraction, epitome, summary, shortness, brevity குறள் conciseness, imp or goblin, metrical line of two feet, distish Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to breathe slaughter - சீறு pain and stiffness throughout the body caused by immoderate labor or by cold in the system - சல்லக்கடுப்பு to be impaled - கழுவேற who is said to have fought with durgan an asura nine days - நவராத்திரி short lived pleasure - குறுவாழ்க்கை

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