Abstract meaning in tamil

பொழிப்பு out line, syllabus, summary of the meaning, clew, short direction பெயர் displace, dislodge, unseat, transpose, to turn over, subvert சுருக்கம் contracting, closing, shrivelling, abridgment, abbreviation சஞ்சேபம் compendium, abridgment குறுக்கு curtail, reduce, contract, lessen, retrench, to abbreviate அடக்கம் repression, compression, subordination, submission, restraining the senses Online English to Tamil Dictionary : land liable to assessment - . சிரி to wear arms or the brahmanical string - பூண் to color - விய to evince diffidence in accepting favors - உலவி steelyard - துலை

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