Abundance meaning in tamil

வெகுத்தம் விளரி juvenility, tenderness, desire, one of the seven musical sounds n. விதப்பு cornice of a wall விச்சு repetitious sound வால் tail, trail, train, purity, truth, clearness, whiteness வாரி to hinder, to stop, water, sea, stable, stall for elephants வாசி to play on the lute, other musical instrument, to learn, horse வளம் fulness, copiousness, productiveness, part, side, party intrest வண்மை liberality, quality, good quality, property, beauty, reputation மீசு plenty, copiousness n. மிகை super fluity, sorrow, affliction, destruction, trouble, fault n. மிகுதம் profusion, redundance, excess, overplus, crowd, increase மாப்பு exemp tion மழை cloud, water, coolness, plenty மல்லல் strength, greatness n. மலிவு cheapness மன்ற மதர் to be fertile, rich, luxuriant exuberant, to be self conceited n. பொலிதல் largeness, increase, copiousness, prosperity, thriftiness, brightness பொற்பு gracefulness, elegance, decoration, embellishment, magnificence பொம்மல் plumpness, largeness, bulkiness, corpulence, swelling, copiousness பொங்கல் bubbling, fermentation, raging as the sea, festival when the sun enters ca pricorn about the 11th of january பொங்கம் exultation, joy பொக்கம் falsehood, extension, bulk, increase பெருமை highness, dig nity, excellence, eminence, nobleness, grandeur பெடம் n. பூரிப்பு plumpness, fulness as of counte nance, satisfaction, cheer fulness பூரி to be plump, as beasts or fruit, to rejoice, to be satisfied with பூரம் completion, centiped, milleped, eleventh lunar asterism, one of the thirty two kinds of prepared arsenic பூரணம் entireness, whole, pervading, increase, augmentation, consummation புதுமை modernness, no velty, freshness, that which is untrained, unpractised பிறங்கல் sounding, height, eminence, hill, mountain, mount, hillock பரிபூர்த்தி fulness பரிபூரணம் perfection, plenty, satisfaction, 2 n. பம்பல் festivity, plentifulness நூங்கு intense, abundant, to exceed, greatness, intenseness n. நிறைவு completeness, copiousness, profusion, plenitude, saturation நிறை make full, to replenish, supply abundantly, satisfy, saturate நன்கு goodness, benefit, beauty, plentifulness, copiousness தெகுளம் repleteness, overflowing n. துப்பு to spit, eject from the mouth, spit out from the mouth, provision திமிதகுமுதம் stir, bustle, joy, mirth, joviality, plenty, extravagance, profu sion n. தழைவு shooting, germinating, luxuriance of growth, boughs, leaves n. சொரிவு fluency in speaking, singing, profusion, pouring down, effu sion n. செழிப்பு luxuriance, thriving, flourishing, prosperousness, plenteousness n. செறிவு closeness, fulness, diffusion, insinuation, permeation, expansion சால் used by washerman, at weddings, bucket for irrigation with a lever சாந்திரம் compactness, thickness, closeness with some interstices, whatever relates to சமுத்திரம் ocean, number, any large quantity சத்தசாகரம் n. கெழுமை hue, brilliancy, splender, combination, fulness, 2, 3, above n. கூர்ப்பு saltness, astringency, intenseness of passion, keenness of the faculties or senses குதம் onion, go down, store, plenty n. கழுமல் confusion n. கழிவு leaving, separating from, discharge from the bowels, sore, copiousness n. கழிதல் dying, walking n. கலிப்பு plenty, increase, copiousness, height, surpassing intensity கயவு pilfering, robbery, greatness, emi nence, superiority, plenty கனம் weight, gravity, thickness, solid, cube, honor dignity, respectability n. கதழ்வு displeas ure, fury, wrath, vehemence, heat, haste, speed, ornament கண்டபூர்த்தி satiety n. கஞலல் narrowness, rising, elevation, severity, quickness, sign of displeasure ஏராளம் plenitude, fulness, plenty, multiplicity ஊங்கு greatness, importance, there, that place intermediate உவா ple nitude, full moon, sea, elephant, conjunction of the sun and moon உறுப்பு limb, member of the body, parts, features, body, part of a whole compo nent part n. உறுபு costiveness, thickness, narrowness, plenty n. உருப்பு co piousness, intenseness உருப்பம் temperature of the atmosphere, copiousness, greatness, in tenseness n. உருத்தல் appearing, sprouting, shooting ஆற்றல் assuaging, consoling, 2, bearing a load, strength, power, prow ess n. ஆர்வு eating, feeding, drinking, investigation ஆனைசேனை அமோகம் அமளி uproar, bustle, stir, press of business, bed, mattress, for sleeping on அமல் management அமலை din, sound, boiled rice, goddess lakshmi அதிகம் plenty Online English to Tamil Dictionary : comparing a lady present with another - தகையணங்குறுத்தல் readiness of hand acquired by practice - கைப்பழக்கம் destroy life - . இகு shaving in the barber - தருமம் taste in general - இரசம்

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