Abundant meaning in tamil

மிகுதியான n. மதர்ப்பு being full, rich, plump, luxuriant, pride, arrogance, wantonness பிறங்கு glitter, glisten, to be high, lofty, elevated, to be great நூங்கு intense, to exceed, greatness, abundance, intenseness n. தேங்கு become full, rise to the brim, stand full, stagnate, to be crowded தேக்கு copious, replete, to be sated, glutted, cloyed, satiated, to fill n. செறி put in safe custody, keep safely, deposit securely, to fasten சீந்துவாரற்றுக்கிடக்க a. சால much, in tense, greatly, extensively, intensely n. கெழுமு to be full, to spring up, to shoot forth, to be produced கூர் brackish, harsh, to be sharp as the edge or point of an in strument கிளர் to ascend, to emerge, to rise to the surface or above the level a. கழி expel, cast off, discard, exclude, dislodge, remove, strip off a. ஒள் excellent, beautiful, bright, glittering, luminous, knowing ஒண்மை goodness, excellence, brilliancy, splendor, brightness, beauty a. உறு to exist, to feel, experience, suffer, enjoy, experience sensa tions as heat Usage of abundant 1. The soil is then leached with abundant quantity of irrigation water . Online English to Tamil Dictionary : sending - . போதரவிடுதல் poem made to his praise - சூட்டு to hawk up phlegm - காறு aching or pain in the legs - . காலுளைவு box - மஞ்சிகம்

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