Affair meaning in tamil

நடுப்போர் operation, midst of the battle தருமகாரியம் subject, 2 சங்கதி matter, case, account, news, inter course, association, connection கௌவை concern, sound, noise, roar, vinous liquor, toddy, unfavorable rumor காரியம் thing, business, concern, matter, subject, occurrence, circum stance காரியமுடிப்பு கதை anecdote, narrative, apologue, tale, fable, romance, fiction கணக்கு account, reck oning, calculation, computation, letters, writing அலுவல் engagement, employment, occupation, concern Usage of affair 1. Their private concerns were no affair of ours .
2. Of course, it is their own affair .
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : subject or bring to a right state - அமை idolater - விக்கிரகபூசகன் preparatory to their being inspissated - படையோலை basket for carrying earth - சோழியக்கடகம் to instruct sub orned witness - சாட்சிசோடிக்க

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