Area meaning in tamil

பாத்தி share, part, portion, compartment, garden bed, salt pan, any small cultivated spot or patch பரப்பு protection, to spread, to lay out, as goods, to distend the legs in sitting பப்பு width, breadth, 2, பப்பு நனவு sight, wakefulness, width, breadth, space, room, surface, place தட்டு as a door, to strike, as a gong, to tap, pat, slap, to touch or strive so as to displace களம் locality, open space, wide extent, expanse, black, dark, poison களன் open space, expanse, agricultural districts, arableland, rice fields அக்கபாடம் boxing or wrestling ground Online English to Tamil Dictionary : contents of a work - நுதலியபொருள் on contact - எரிபூச்சி desmoch ae - ஒட்டி whose employment is to gather flowers - புஷ்பலாவன் dark clouds in july regarded as indicative of plentiful rains in the ensuing monsoons - ஆடிக்கரு

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