Arrive at meaning in tamil

நணுகு draw nigh, become attached to or united with n. குறுகு to be twarfish, to shrink, contract, to lessen, to be reduced கண்ணுற view, to reach a. உணர் percep tion, knowledge, intellect, to be conscious, to feel mentally அத்து tree, leaf of the tree, expletive, uniting, joining, making to agree அடை close, stop up, to lock, to block up a pas sage, obstruct, to enclose Online English to Tamil Dictionary : prefecture - சுபை mended mat - கிழித்துமுடைந்தபாய் to fish by torch light - சூள்கொண்டுமீன்பிடிக்க bight in a string - குழைச்சு one of the thirteen wives of kasyapa - அதிதி

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