Babble meaning in tamil

பிதற்று chatter, incoherent talk, as of a mad man, demoniac, one in delirium n. பஞ்சரிப்பு prate a. நச்சு long for, to love, be ena mored with, to babble, to prate, to tease n. சளசள miry, muddy, sloppy, to chatter, prate, to sound as the falling of a stream கதைசொல்ல repeat stories, to tattle உல்லாபம் prattle, stammering, imperfect utterance as of foreigners, children அலப்பு talk in vain Online English to Tamil Dictionary : munis of the race of devas - தெய்வமுனி to flower - பூ prophesy - தீர்க்கதரிசனம் channel or passage through shal lows - ஆறு sublime spiritual enjoyments of religion - ஞானானந்தம்

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