Bad meaning in tamil

பொல்லாது mischievous, dangerous a. பொல்லா vicious, evil, wicked பேய் goblin, fiend, wild, as plants or trees, evil, vile, fero cious துர் ill, deficient, before the hard let ters செடியன் worthless fellow கெட்டவியாதி malignant, dangerous disease, venereal or other filthy disease a. இன்னா evil, mischief, injury, affliction, distress, suffering, disgrace Usage of bad 1. Sentimentality is not a bad thing in its way.
2. Here, he said, is something irremediably bad .
3. The hotels of India have a very bad name.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : public accountant - சம்பிரதி to become addle as eggs - கூழாய்ப்போக break up - கலை to hear distinctly - குறிப்பாய்க்கேட்க village watchman - மழுவன்

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