Bag meaning in tamil

வாய் to come to a prosperous issue, to obtain, realize, to surpass மூட்டை sachel, knap sack, load carried in a sack, bale, 2 பை to color, as by anger, to be angry, to spread to hood of the neck as a cobra தையற்பை ஜோல்நா சோளி satchel a. செம்மு to be hard as the belly through indigestion, to cover or overspread with loam or clay சூத்திரக்கயிறு strings of a purse, anything that puts a machine in motion சுருக்குப்பை closed by drawing up the mouth சம்பளி wal let கோயில் temple, sanctuary, church, chapel, sacred shrine, abode of a deity அசம்பி budget, double bag, traveller's walet Online English to Tamil Dictionary : poetic style - . செய்யுட்போக்கு to make the first draught in writing - குறி monetia - முத்தாபலம் to converse - . பேசு sanskrit prefix implying that which is secondary - உப

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