Ball meaning in tamil

பிண்டம் roundish lump or mass, globe, embryo, foetus, body, roundish lump of food நெட்டு to push, to strike, graze as a thrown stone, to eat or drink to excess a. திரள் globe, 2, cluster, clump, tuft n. திரளை concretion, skein or ball of thread திரணை anything globular, chaplet, fillet, pillar, cornice, any globular of cylindrical work in turnery or architecture திம்மை insensibility சோகம் loathing of food, nausea supposed to be produced by the arrows of kama சுருணை twist, roll of cord, coil as of straw, rope, hair curl, ringlet சிகரக்கொடிமுடி on which a vane is placed கோளம் orb, globe or sphere, circle, maps கூத்துவைக்க குளியம் globe, tiger கணம் rotundity, particle, trifle உருண்டை bowl, globe, anything round, roundness, globularness n. உதை pressure of the foot as of one pushing, prop, prop set obliquely உண்டை bowl, globe, sphere, bullet, anything round or globular, commonly rather small உக்கம் waist, middle of the body, bull, bullock, ox, cow, large kind of circular fan to grace processions Online English to Tamil Dictionary : unless - தவிர places his elbows on his knees and rests his cheeks on the palm of his hands - அச்சுவமுகாதனம் to emit vapor or steam - புகை species of grobe colymbus - முக்குளிப்பான் igno rance of the world - வெண்மை

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