Bamboo meaning in tamil

வேழம் sugar cane, reed, arundo வேய் leaves, to cover in, as a building, to put on, as a crown, garland வேயல் வேணு tubularity, herdsman's reed or pipe, bow, sword, knowledge of wind instruments வெதிர் to be angry, to tremble, deafness வரை to write, to take, to paint and draw, to delineate, to reject சந்தி to come, be in contact, to join, to conjoin, to visit, have an interview with one காம்பு pedicle, foot stem, handle of a straight kind, shaft, haft கழை bambusa arundinacea, sugar cane, seventh lunar asterism கண் hollow mark or spot, roundish hole, orifice, crevice, cavity ஓங்கல் elevation, rising, vomiting, mountain, elephant, vessel as a boat எஃகு stretchable, to become stretched or drawn out, to become unfastened இருசு right, anything straight, direct, proper, correct அரி separate larger and smaller bodies with the hand, sieve, riddle அம்பு arrow, lime tree, young and tender leaf, one of the thirty two kinds of arsenic அமை compose, cause to yield, reduce to order, adjust, subject or bring to a right state Online English to Tamil Dictionary : hollow eyes - நொள்ளைக்கண் mildness - விநயம் great emer gency - உயிர்த்தறுவாய் wife of baladeva - இரேவதி anything put across - விட்டம்

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