Become meaning in tamil

நுணுகு be made small, fine, minute, to be subtle, abstruse, to be sharp n. உண்டா to come into existence, to rise into being, happen, occur, take place Usage of become 1. Some while ago John Bull left the shires to become a townsman .
2. Marriages have become expensive.
3. Progressive Mohammedans have become convinced that not only their men .
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : decaying or withering as the beauty of a female - . உறுப்புநலனழிதல் to send an escort - துணைவிட one of the forty three kinds of rhyme in which the same word is repeated through the line - இரட்டைத்தொடை feminine gender - ஸ்திரீலிங்கம் uncomeliness - அவலக்கணம்

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