Calculation meaning in tamil

n. கணிப்பு esteem, conjecture, estimation கணிதம் reckoning, computation, estimation, arithmetic, mathematics கணக்கு account, reck oning, computation, letters, writing, written accounts கணக்காசாரம் n. எண்ணல் reckoning, astrono mical calculation, counting with the fingers in astronomical calcu lations எண் thought, imagination, conjecture, intention, delib eration n. அளவிடை admeasurement, estima tion, guess, weight, capacity, extent of one's power அலகு top or head of an ar row, weapon, arms in general, glow worm Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to put one in the stocks - தொழுவிலடிக்க palmyra - மடல் reduce to flour - இடி keeping a mistress or a concubine - . கையிணக்கம் inferring - ஊகனம்

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