Camel meaning in tamil

வேகசரம் மயம் beauty, sans crit affix expressing nature, quality, pos session பெட்டை hen, female of the lion, horse, dog, cat, monkey, hog, deer பிணை to link, to unite, to bind or fasten together, to couple, to join rafters நெடுங்கழுத்தல் குழவி babe, young of the elephant, buffalo, fabulous wild cow, deer கன்று as the feet with walking, hands with first using a tool, to be burnt with the sun கனகதம் ஒட்டை dromedary, span as measured with thumb and forefinger ஒட்டகம் dromedary இரவணம் bell metal, jesting அத்திரி horse, forge bellows, arrow, atmosphere, mountain, one of the seven stars of the ursa major Usage of camel 1. The camel drivers and the traders are fierce-looking men and extremely dirty. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : quill of a feather - முருந்து months of october and november - குறிஞ்சிக்காலம் expanded hood of the cobra - பணம் powerfulness - தீட்சணம் har mony - . ஒன்றிப்பு

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