Canon meaning in tamil

பத்ததி row, line, range, formula, rule, ritual, manual for performing religious cere monies திட்டம் accuracy, justness, exactness, evenness, rule, standard, model சூத்திரம் engine, any piece of mechanism, mechanism of the body or otherwise n. சுடு heat, scald, burn, ignite, to roast, toast, bake, to cauterize ஒழுங்கு rank, line, train, order, regularity, class, ganization, rule of action Online English to Tamil Dictionary : polite imperative - நுவல்க circular - சுழி materiality - சகளம் carried on - . நிகழ் fowl with a pecu liar kind of feather having a tendency to curl up - காப்பிரிக்கோழி

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