Damage meaning in tamil

வழு error, mistake, incongruity, deviation from rule, failure, slip மோசநாசம் villany மடி to turn down, turn in, to double, to fold as the arms, to double up பாழ் being laid waste, to become corrupted, spoiled, decayed, putrified பாடு to chant, to hymn, to warble as birds, to hum as bees or beetles பழுது blemish, flaw, anythingtainted, rotten, putrid, injury, moral evil நாசம் ruin, loss, waste, dissolution, anni hilation, death, involution of matter நட்டம் detriment, injury, disadvantage, prejudice, ruin, destruction சேதபாதம் waste, loss சீணம் waste, that which is spent n. கேடுபாடு in jury, detriment, ruin, adverse cir cumstances n. கேடு destruction, anni hilation, loss, waste, degeneracy, depravity n. கெடுதலை loss, detriment, injury, disaster, calamity, degeneracy, vileness a. கீணம் flaw, in jury, ruin ஊறுபாடு scars, injury, violence, four ways of inflicting injury ஆபாசம் in jury, ruin, sem blance of a reason, fallacy, erroneous argument அவந்தரை injury, uselessness, waste அழிம்பு ruin, devastation, in jury n. அழி blast, ruin, to waste, injure, to abolish, consume, annihilate Usage of damage 1. White grub is responsible for a lot of damage to the groundnut crop.
2. The variety ripens from mid-May to mid-June and thus escapes damage from rains.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : religious mendi cant whose whole body is smeared with ashes - சாம்பலாண்டி prolonged life - நீடியவாழ்வு perforated pen dent ear lobe - தொள்ளைக்காது lizard - மனைக்கோள் rishi who entertained rama on his return from lanka - பரத்துவாசன்

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