Dance meaning in tamil

வாணி langu age, speech, sarasvati, goddess of learning, play வள்ளி convolvulus ba tatas, winding plant, di oscorea sativa, w, ratan shield மண்டிலம் horse, country, province, region, play, war, battle புரியம் பவுரி படிகம் glass, glass vessel, alms, bark of the wood apple tree நட்டம் detriment, damage, injury, disadvantage, prejudice, ruin, destruction துள்ளல் leaping, dancing, goat, sheep, small fly, gnat, one of the four kinds of movements in verse or singing துணங்கை of persons imitating them, striking tie el bows on the sides தாண்டவம் dancing with violent gesticulations, applied to the frantic dance of siva and his votaries குரவை rural, noisy sport, harsh sound, loud cry குனி curve, crook, to quaver, quiver, shake as the voice in singing ஆதல் vision, mi nuteness ஆட்டி snakes, to play, snake dancer, lady, woman of rank, woman in general n. ஆட்டம் vibration, agitation, vacillation, rocking, swinging, rolling or pitching at sea அருத்தி halve, divide in two, desire, foot அரங்கேற்ற drama, in a public assembly அகவல் call or cry of a peacock, peculiar musical sound Usage of dance 1. They dance before him daily and sing hymns in his honor. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to lay a child in a cradle - தொட்டிலில்கிடத்த females of the mountaineer caste - கொடிச்சியர் clarionets - குயிலுவர் peculiar - . சுவ regent of the wind - பவமானன்

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