Dancing meaning in tamil

படிதம் n. படமெடுத்தாடுதல் நிருத்தகீதவாத்தியம் singing and instrumental music, as exercises of the temple நாட்டியம் acting, dram atic art, inmost intention, design, object, aim நட்டம் detriment, damage, injury, disadvantage, prejudice, ruin, destruction n. நடிப்பு affecting importance நடம் pole dancing, as an actor, dancing or operations of siva, dancing of devils தொழிற்பண்பு singing தூங்கல் 2, hanging, pendent, any thing suspended, dull, lazy ox, one who loiters about the doors of others for food துள்ளல் leaping, dance, goat, sheep, small fly, gnat, one of the four kinds of movements in verse or singing துரிதம் speed, quickness, swiftness, velocity, expedition, quickest movement துணங்கை of persons imitating them, striking tie el bows on the sides துடி palpitating, to quiver, shake, throb, flutter, palpitate, flounder as a fish thrown ashore கேளிக்கை play, sport, pastime, amusement n. கூத்தாட்டு acting, playing கும்மி especially among young women accompanied with the clapping of hands to a tune sung by all n. குனித்தல் இலயம் destruction, absorption, transformation, involu tion, reduction of one element into another as of earth into water ஆட்டுவிக்க in a play a. ஆட்டு gesticulation, agitation, power, energy, action, to shake, rock n. ஆடல் shaking, rocking, 2, being powerful, victory, playing, coition ஆஞ்சி vibration, idleness, laziness, play, cardamom Online English to Tamil Dictionary : in any way - சண்ணு peninsula - மலாக்கா rough copy - சரவையெழுத்து master of a boat - படகோட்டி old grudge - பழையகோபம்

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