Danger meaning in tamil

மோசம் deceit, cunning, risk, detriment, accident மாடி distress, anger, border of a garment மடக்கடி unevenness as of a road, bank, shore, peril, hazard as from a coast n. தவி food, to sigh, pant or languish for, to be in great anxiety for ஈடேற births, to obtain final happiness, to be saved from ruin and be rendered secure a. ஆக்கு create, effect, make, to cook, to mature, to raise one from obscurity அபாயம் crisis, loss, injury, disaster, mishap, calamity, dilemma, unforeseen danger Usage of danger 1. Moreover, without lining, the danger of breaches would always be there.
2. There is not the slightest danger of any sort to anyone .
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : slush or contents of the gutter - சாக்கடை one of the five properties of siva - சுத்ததத்துவம் to darken the under standing - . திரோபவி rice godown - அரிசிக்கிடங்கு to drag a net in fishing - கரைவலையிழுக்க

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