Dark meaning in tamil

நல்லம் சருவரி darkness, gloom குருட்டுநாள் dismal asterism, nacshatra, in certain positions from the moon or the sun களம் locality, open space, area, wide extent, expanse, black, poison கருவரி darkness கருங்கும்மென n. கம்மு to be clogged, rough or jarring as a wind instrument, to be overcast இருட்டு beclouded, be deprived or light, darkness, cloudiness, obscurity of mind Usage of dark 1. Gods and demons haunt every hill and grove and gorge and dark corner.
2. Below the baths we were shown some dark and dreary vaults.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : in which the sun is regarded as the supreme being - பிரமகைவர்த்தம் to be balked in ones expectations - ஏமாறிப்போக island so called - கிட்டா to offer sacrifice - பலிசெலுத்த twenty third lunar mansion of the hindus - அவிட்டம்

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