Darkness meaning in tamil

மந்தாரம் <, cloudiness, gloominess, state of being overcast மங்குல் cloudiness, visible heavens, night புகைச்சல் smoke, fumiga tion, haze, vapor, steam, luridness, dimness of sight பிழம்பு of an oblong shape in form, of a column or pillar as of fire n. பரி carry, sustain, to preserve, to watch, to part, to break, to separate பரம்பு water, epidemics, to extend, to expand, to become diffused as air n. பம்பு thick, crowded, to spread, to over spread as vegetation, water படர் to proceed, to extend as a creeping plant, to over run, to over spread நீலம் azure or purple color, blue dye used by dyers, indigo, sapphire நிசி night, 3, gold நத்தம் chank, snail, town, village, gno mon of a dial n. தெளிவு transparency, brightness, clearness of a gem, pearl, plainness துவாந்தம் obscurity, gloom, hell துணங்கு துணங்கறல் temple festival or procession திமிரம் obscurity, gloom, hell, gutta serena, total blindness from an affection of the optic nerve தமம் gloom, mental darkness, as obscuring the soul, hiding duty from view தமசு third condition of humanity, mental blindness, delusion சருவரி gloom கிருட்டிணம் dark blue color காளம் poi son, venom, trumpet, cloud, tree, strychnos, indigo plant கார் hot to the taste, to be harsh, acrid, to be very slat, blackness கறை spot, stain, tarnish, blemish, fault, defect, impurity, defilement கறுப்பு indications of anger, frown, scowl, anger, displeasure, spot கருவரி கருள் black, blackness, superior kind of cloth கருமை blueness, cerulean hue, azure, poison, venom, greatness, excellence n. கருக்கல் day break, act of blackening, evening twilight, dusk, rice in the field turned browm by the sun கரிசல் blackness கச்சளம் கங்குல் second lunar asterism a. ஓட்டு assuming course of conduct, to cause to run, to drive, propel இருள் to darken, to grow dark as at the close of the day, to become obscure as a heavenly or luminous body இருட்டு beclouded, be deprived or light, dark, cloudiness, obscurity of mind n. இருட்சி ob scurity, cloudiness, gloom, becoming dark, mental darkness அல் not the root of a sym bolic negative verb affixed to nouns அப்பிரகாசம் absence of light அந்தரம் intermediate space, ether, as the vehicle of light and sound supposed to pervade all things and to extend through the universe அந்தகாரம் gloom, mental darkness அஞ்சனம் black coloring, colly rium or black paint for the eyelids, black coloring or magic ointment put on the hand Online English to Tamil Dictionary : nothing - சூனியோபாதானம் to enter heaven - சுவர்க்கம்போக su perior kind of pastry - ஆவிக்கொழுக்கட்டை other fibre for cordage - சிதம்பப்போட descriptive of sacred places - க்ஷேத்திரக்கோவை

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