Day meaning in tamil

வைகல passing day வாசரம் w ரோஜ் மாத்தியானம் noon பூரணை day of full moon, fifth, tenth, fifteenth phasis, of either half month பகல் as distinguished from night, day time, mid day, noon, light திவம் visibility, mani festation of a deity, day time திவசம் anniversary of a relative's death, when alms are given to the brahmans for the benefit of the deceased கெடுச்சொல்ல 2 எல்வை உகம் any one of the four yugas, age of the world, end, pair, couple அளவை definite quantity, bound, limit, measure, thing to measure with அல்கல் dimi nishing, diminution, night, destitution, want, poverty Usage of day 1. They spared her at no hour of day or night.
2. Night and day are the same to him.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to betroth - . நியமி different gradations of animated beings from men of five senses to the vegetable of one - உற்பத்திக்கிரமம் poem of which king sola is the hero - கலிங்கத்துப்பரணி appear where he is unknown - தன்னைக்காட்ட vituperation - . பழிப்பு

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