Eagerness meaning in tamil

வேகம் nimbleness, velocity, activity, heat, fervor, ardor, zeal, vehemence n. பரபரத்தல் hasting, bustling, activity, energy, avidity, earnestness, feeling a sensation of crawling துருதை itching desire தாகம் desire, appetency, one of the punishments of the soul a. கெலி greediness, insatiable desire for food, terror, fear, conquer காதல் act of killing, act of breaking, snap ping, warm attachment ஆவறி intense desire, earnestness, exigency, urgency அவா avidi dity, greediness, craving, cupidity, intense or sensual desire அபேட்சை hope, expectation, desire and love united, anxious desire Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to give out stores for consumption - செலவுகொடுக்க foot of a potters wheel - குயவன்மணை by the insertion of another short letter or mute - அளபெடுக்க man of capacity - ஆண்பிள்ளை to form in circles as on the surface of water - சுழி

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