Eagle meaning in tamil

பவணை பணவை raised stage for watching a field, shelf சகுந்தம் indian vulture கழுகு கழு trident, green clump or cold of grass கங்கு side of a bank or ridge, limit or border, kite, two sides in prison bars or other play separated by a limit கங்கம் comb, spark of fire, species of arsenic எருவை copper, species of reed, kind of grass with a fragrant root உவணம் garuda the brahmany kite, kite Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to deceive - வஞ்சி sweetness of flavor or in speech - மதுரசம் water in which rice has been washed - கழுநீர் indenture of an apprentice - முறி to be enough - . சாலு

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