Eating meaning in tamil

ஸ்நானபானம் வல்சி boiled rice, rice not boiled, of sa மிருகாதனம் hy&ae, na, leopard, adana n. மிசைதல் n. மாந்தல் போசனம் feeding, < n. பொறு to sustain, to bear with, to exercise forbearance, to indulge புதிதுண்ணல் with ceremony the first fruits on an auspicious hour n. புசிப்பு feeding, taking food, food, meat, experiencing the fruits of former actions பிராசனம் imparting, instilling food, < பாரணம் taking food, eating or drinking at the close of a fast, sometimes also before பதம் 2, proper temperament, tem perature, consistency, degree of hardness or softness n. பட்சிப்பு consuming, devouring பட்சணம் devouring, consuming, prey for wild beasts or birds பக்கணம் devouring, consuming, village or street of hunters, town, village நேரங்கெட்டநேரம் unpropitious time, as mid day, twilight, when demons are supposed to be about n. நுகர்ச்சி feeding, fruition, enjoyment, experience of pleasure or pain நறுமுறுக்க to mutter, to murmur, to growl, as cats, dogs தொடல் touching, digging, catching n. துறுவல் being thronged துறு press or crowd into a bag or box, to cram food into the mouth n. துய்ப்பு enjoyment, experience துச்சி feeding, experience, fruition n. தின்றல் கெவுளிபாத்திரம் குணபாகி imp, goblin, carcass eater n. ஆர்வு abundance, feeding, drinking, investigation அயில் taking food, to cat, drink, take food, sharpness, keenness Usage of eating 1. The first room was filled with women and children eating ices and sweetmeats. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : temple festival of procession - தீர்த்தம் to come to perfection - தேறு smiling - மூரல் sanskrit literature - வடகலை pity and distress - nt. அத்தோ

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