Economy meaning in tamil

n. வரையறவு measure, bound, strictness, exactness, rigidity, frugality நிருவாகம் tolerance, carrying on, supporting, maintaining, management n. நடப்பிப்பு administration, superintendence, di rection செய்காரியம் deed, act, management, providence, industry சூத்திரக்காரன் engineer, man of fine parts, of quick per ception, ready wit கிரமம் propriety, rule, method, regularity, sacred precept or practice காரியபாகம் frugality, judicious or prudent direction ஒழுங்கு rank, line, train, order, regularity, class, ganization, rule of action Usage of economy 1. This introduction changed the economy of the Simla Hills. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to be turned or curdled as milk - துவை as that of the spine - வீணாதண்டு four threads of yarn in use among weavers - அடுக்கு winnowing basket - தூற்றுகூடை only in colloquial usage - காப்புக்கட்ட

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