Edge meaning in tamil

விளிம்பு brink, margin, eye lid வசி to live, to abide, reside, 2, possession, point, pointed stake முனை to be angry, to show signs of indignation, to engage in battle பிராந்தம் margin கூர்மைமழுங்க to be blunted as the intellect, to become obtuse கருக்கு to scorch, toast, fry, parch, to imbrown or darken by heat கருக்கிட sharpen ஓரம் border, margin, brim, brink, bank, shore, parti ality in speaking அருகு be reduced, diminish, to happen rarely, be of uncommon occurrence Online English to Tamil Dictionary : creation of evil or powers of evil - தாமசசிருட்டி one of the four states of non existence - பிராகபாவம் in teresting - பார்வை to effect cures or to mesmerize - பார்வை carried by a vaishnuva mendi cant - திரிதண்டம்

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