Facilitate meaning in tamil

சுறுக்குப்பண்ண expedite, to be quick in operation as poison, fatal disease n. உதவு aid, assist, benefit, succor, to yield, contribute, to be fit or useful அதிகப்படுத்த enhance, aggravate, further Usage of facilitate 1. Embankments are made by manual labour to facilitate irrigation. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to feel - . பரிசி lute whose calabash is made of the bottle gourd shells commonly used among the lute players - சுரைக்குடுக்கைக்கின்னரம் five provinces - திரவிடம் image like the original - சுபாவசுரூபம் those who speak the prakrit dialect - பிராகிருதசனம்

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