Fading meaning in tamil

n. வெம்பல் n. வாடல் dying, be coming lean n. மங்கல் dimness, obscurity, gloominess, growing dim n. புலர்வு dawning, dawn, drying நொவ்வு to be in pain, to become slender, thin, emaciated, thinness n. நைவு anything injured, suffering n. நுணங்கல் bending, &c n. தேம்பல் being faded, faded flower n. குழைவு tenderness of mind, pity, linguishing n. கசங்கல் squeezed, withering Online English to Tamil Dictionary : employer - எசமானன் part of an elephants face between his tusks - இரணரங்கம் large eyed female - தடங்கண்ணி pa troness of boldness - அஷ்டலட்சுமி flow as water from a fountain - . சுர

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