Failure meaning in tamil

வழு error, mistake, incongruity, deviation from rule, slip, lapse n. மக்களிப்பு defect, distortion, the, returning, coming back, of a disease n. பொய்த்தல் deceptiveness n. பிழைப்பு main tenance, living, livelihood, sustenance, restoration, recovery பிறக்கு backside, deficiency, defect, expletive பிரமாதம் error, in accuracy, dullness பிசகு to miss, to disappoint, to err, to blunder, to mistake, to be hindered பாழ் being laid waste, to become corrupted, spoiled, decayed, putrified n. தொலைவு extinction, defeat தப்பு as washermen, to clap a cloth between the hands to clean it சோடை stinted or withered, in the accomplishment of an attempt, faintness செய்குறை non perfor mance of duty, fault, error, mistake, thing in complete சிறுமை littleness, dimi nutiveness, want, indigence, misery, wretchedness n. சறுக்கு sliding, false step, inclined plane set before the front wheels of a car கோழை mucus, phlegmatic humor in the system, defect, blemish, bashfulness குறை shorten, curtail, contract, deduct, to reduce one's circum stances n. கிழிவு tear, laceration, incompetency, ill success, dwindling away கயக்கு to rub, bruise, mash, deficiency ஒற்கம் indigence, des titution, want, adversity, dim inution, forbearance இழுக்கு to swerve from, neglect the performance of duty, to fall from a higher rank n. இழுக்கம் devia tion, swerving, shrinking, flinching from, backwardness அனுபபத்தி inconclusive argumen tation, non completion, not effecting or accomplishing n. அசைவு moving, motion, kind of swinging shelf, motion, passion, emotion as applicable to the qualities of the mind Online English to Tamil Dictionary : branches of many trees or the horns of many beasts - பலவற்றுக்கோடு hindu proper name for men - வையாபுரி permanent employment - நித்தியசேவகம் to remove by another - ஒழிவிக்க as general of the devas in the expedition against the asuras - தேவசேனாதிபதி

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