Faint meaning in tamil

n. தொய் to droop, languish, pine, grow weak, to be weary, to be fatigued n. துவள் shake, move, vacillate, to be agitated, to be flexible slender தகை to stop, to obstruct, to cheak, to restrain, to forbid, to interdict n. ஞொள்கு become weak, tired, languid, worn out, to fear, to timid, be agitated n. ஞெகிழ் to waver, wander as the mind, to become loose, to be dull, inactive சோர்ந்துபோக to droop, to despond, to be stolen, pilfered, to be cheated n. சோர் to em bezzle, sadness, lassitude, to languish, droop, to be pros trate of lifeless n. சோகா to grieve, to sorrow, to suffer செருக்கு giddy, to be stupified, to have nausea, from taking strong areca nuts n. சுழலு spin, eddy, swing round, turn on an axis, to be rotary, to turn as the wheel of a carriage n. சிங்கு decrease, to decay, fail, droop, to perish n. குணக to sink, to be dejected, to feel uneasy, to be vexed n. ஒல்கு thin, slender, emaciated, to grow small, diminish, to be subject to உழன்றுவர as one in various cares and troubles, to grow tired, fatigued அசை move, stir, agitate, to tie, bind, fasten with a tie, bandage Online English to Tamil Dictionary : conscration of a temple when the deity is supposed to be brought to take up his abode - கோயிற்பிரதிட்டை charge or obligation - பாரந்தீர pleiades - கார்த்திகைதேவிமார் to make a loud cry - குரவையிட parvati - விமலை

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