Fainting meaning in tamil

மோகம் ungovernable lust, lasciviousness, desire, affection, confusion of mind மூர்ச்சை loss of consciousness, < தொய்யல் joy, delight, pleasure, mud mire, ploughing, afflic tion, languishing துயரடி drooping தியரடி languor n. தகைப்பு weariness, checking, obstruc tion, restraint n. ஞெள்ளல் velocity, intensity, eminence, superiority, road, way, abounding n. சோரல் சோபம் handsomeness, lustre, radiance, splendor, <, swooning, drowsiness n. சோகாப்பு sorrow, grief செயலறல் helpless, unable to help one's self, deprived of power or energy கவுசி afflic tion n. களைத்தல் n. ஒடுங்கு become reduced, compressed, closed, contracted, narrow, to lessen n. உறக்கம் slum ber, drowsiness, suspension of the faculties whether by sleep அவலம் feebleness, suffering, pain, sorrow, distress, extreme sympathy n. அவசமாதல் n. அயர்வு width, languor, weariness, drowsiness, affliction, distress n. அயர்தி swooning, languor, weariness, drowsiness, stupor, forgetfulness n. அசைவு moving, motion, kind of swinging shelf, motion, passion, emotion as applicable to the qualities of the mind Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to extend as time - . நீட்டி worldly occupations as distinguished from the worship of the ascetic - சகத்தொழில் vikramaditya of oujein - சகாரி losing its taste as the mouth in sickness - இலைத்தல் as the gums in teething - திட்டையிட

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