Faith meaning in tamil

விசுவாசம் trust, faithfulness, veracity, < பத்தி service, worship, love, affection, devotion, attachment, fidelity பக்தி belief கோட்பாடு belief, doctrines, sentiments, opinions, professed, maintained Usage of faith 1. Curiously enough, the war has served to restore faith in democracy.
2. None but members of the faith are admitted.
3. Such exhibitions of faith can be witnessed nowhere else.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to pour out and give - கொட்டிக்கொடுக்க to thrive as a family - பற்றிப்படர flour of parched rice - பொரிமா to lie in - நரகலிக்க roughness on the wiry edge of a tool after grinding - பூ

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