Falling meaning in tamil

ஸ்கலிதம் slipping, woman's issue of blood, bloody flux, involun tary nocturnal pollution n. வீழ்ச்சி விழல் sweet scented cuscus grass, adropogan muricatum, thing of no value or worthless n. பூவிழுதல் as roughness on an edge, forming of a speck in the eye, in fire works பாதம் des cending, prostration, happening, occurring, occurrence நிபாதம் descending, w, subjection, subordination, cessation of active energy தவறு miss, to lose one's hold, to fail, miscarry, to prove abortive Online English to Tamil Dictionary : trickery - க்ஷுத்திரம் at the close of the game - கட்டைக்கொக்கான் siva who overcome yama - காலகாலன் perhaps abstract numbers - நவதாரணை to disparage ones character - சீரழிக்க

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