Fame meaning in tamil

வாயூற to form or collect as saliva, to flow from the mouth as spittle யசசு praise n. மங்கு ruin, loss, to grow dim as a luminous body, to fade, grow pale as colors n. புகழ்நாட்டுதல் புகழ்ச்சி adulation புகழ் extol, to laud, to eulogize, to panegyrize, to flatter, to applaud பிரபாவம் majesty, pre eminence, glory, renown, light, splendor, lustre பிரதிட்டை dedication, by which a god is sup posed to be brought into an image பிரதாபம் honor, dignity, magnificence, glory, renown, celebrity, great heat பிரசித்தம் notoriety, disclosure, promulgation, proclamation, publication பிரக்கியாதி celebrity, < நெடும்புகழ் extended praise தாழ்ச்சி baseness, vileness, inferiority, disparagement, subordination தாமம் cord, string, string to tie oxen together, flower, wreath, flower garland சுலோகம் stanza in sanskrit poetry, celebrity, word, saying, proverb சீர் comeliness, fairness, grace fulness, prosperity, opulence, wealth சம்பத்து acquisition, wealth, goods in possession, increase of any desirable kind as of friends கெடி greatness, glory, terror, fright, alarm, dread, jurisdiction கீர்த்தி celebrity, glory, renown, reputation, good character, name கியாதி celebrity, eminence, excellence, superiority கியாதம் celebrity, eminence, dignity ஓசை vocal sound, musical sound, renown, reputation, utterance, pronun ciation ஓசு renown ஒளி conceal, put out of sight, secret, cloak, to keep a thing unrevealed ஏற்றம் raising up, rise, ascent, acclivity, superiority, excellence ஊற்றம் crutch, support, protection, sta bility, solidity, immobility as of a mountain உரூடம் notoriety, famil iarity இசைமடந்தை wife of brahma, goddess of speech, of music, praise Usage of fame 1. His fame is immortal. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to overthrow - கீழதுமேலதாக்கிப்போட chapter or section - நிகண்டு petty or tributary kings - புலவர் middle rib of a margosa leaf - கிருமிநாசம் to release - . விடு

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