Family meaning in tamil

வீட்டுமணியம் business of a house வசைநாட்ட into ill repute, to injure one's character மனை piece of ground of 2, 4 square feet, 2, house, wife, household பாரப்பட to be heavily laden, to be committed for trial நல்லவழி way to heaven, virtuous conduct, good parentage, descent துரந்தரன் charge of a business, kingdom, one heartily and actively engaged in a pursuit திணை place, situation, location, site, general division of themes or subjects in writings n. செழி flourish, luxuriate, grow well as vegetation, youth, to prosper சுசாதி சாதி to persist in denying, affirming, to maintain firmly or tenaciously சரவடி line சரபடி race, line சமுசாரம் as tending to promote earthly attachments, worldly attachments or connections சந்தானம் progeny, issue, race, descent, lineage, pedigree, line, series சந்ததி offspring, progeny, issue, race, lineage, pedigree, generation as limited to a family or tribe n. கொள்ளிவைத்தல் lighting the funeral pile, as done by the chiefmourner, injuring or ruining a person கொத்து mincing, pecking as birds, grabbing as fish, biting as a serpent குலாபிமானம் pride of birth, respectability of caste குலதெய்வம் tutelary deity, deity of the tribe குடும்பம் including the man, his wife, his sons and his sons' wives, relations குடும்பம் including the man, his wife, his sons and his sons' wives, relations குடிமை lineage, descent, vassalage, servitude, feudal dependence, feudal right or cunnexion குடித்தனம் household, domestic life, domestic economy, domestic order or propriety குடிகுலத்திலுள்ளவன் குடி drunkenness, tip pling, to drink, to take drink, to in hale களத்திரம் race கத்தரை race ஒக்கல் reconcilement, agreement, kinsfolk, relations, friends, household உளவறிய state, for some sinister object உலை vex, agitate one as a demon, to distress as a fever, to ruin உலவை branches of a tree, boughs, sprouts, twigs, leaves, jungle rivers உம்பல் male of beasts in general, ram, male elephant, bull, male buffalo Usage of family 1. Each family was given a plough unit, i.
2. Every family had guests.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : as of a bear - சிலும்பல் as living on flesh - பிசிதாசனர் noying - . உறண்டுபண்ணல் out of the way - மயிரையொதுக்க gradual - . பையெனல்

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